My family moved to the UK when I was 7 years old. Since then wherever I have lived, whatever job I have had, I have always strived to make a real and genuine difference to the people and places around me.

I want the best for my kids and for yours and so I can’t just be a by-stander – I have to find ways to make a difference.

I am an active member of the Labour Party. I campaign for better policies with our trade unions and local businesses. And I continue to run and support local community groups and grassroots projects.

I am also working hard to ensure we get a Labour Government in 2024 – putting 20 years’ experience towards building campaigns here in West Yorkshire which are connected to what our local people and communities want and need.

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Credible and experienced

Commercial Lawyer
0 years
Director, CO2Sense Renewable Energy Fund
0 years
Advising the Labour Government on fuel poverty and climate change
0 years
Founding Chair of Kirklees Diversity Equality and Innovation Network
0 years
Trustee, junior coach and 2nd team captain Paddock Cricket Club
0 years
School Governor
0 years
Trustee Kirklees Active Leisure
0 years
Running campaigns as a volunteer for the Labour Party, Cooperative Party and affiliated Trade Unions
0 years

My Story

Born Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania


Started pre-school to Kingston, Jamaica


Moved to Coventry


Joined Labour students


Graduated from Bristol University


Qualified as a solicitor


Joined Hackney Labour Party


Candidate in Springwood, Hackney


Started role as Head of Low Carbon Energy Team, Cobbetts Solicitors and moved to Huddersfield


Secretary, Greenhead Branch LP


Paddock Cricket Club Carpark Cricket project wins School Sports Partnership National Innovation Prize


Political Education Officer, Huddersfield LP


Elected to Cooperative Group, Member Council


Got Married


Birth of first daughter, Clara


Birth if second daughter, Lily


Chair, Huddersfield Cooperative Party


Shortlisted Labour candidate, West Yorkshire Mayoral


Moved to Coventry


Shortlisted Labour candidate, Batkey & Spen Constituency




IMG_2679 (2)
Preserving natural green spaces

Restoring faith in our politics by giving local people and groups ideas on how to work in partnership with our Council and Councillors to lift up our green public spaces. Local groups include One Community and Moonlight Trust and our current focus is on restoring nature in Batley, Dewsbury, Heckmondwike and Mirfield. 

Talking up our local businesses

Giving voice to the concerns of over 16.7 million workers in the UK by campaigning for a Labour government to deliver our ten point plan to support and grow local (small and medium sized) businesses across the UK. 

Helping people find new jobs

Making sure that our politics is working for people in my local community here in Kirklees by campaigning alongside businesses, colleges, MPs and the Mayor of West Yorkshire for the funding that will give our people access to new training and job opportunities. 

Bringing our communities together

Creating the space for politics, business and society to work together and for people from a wide range of backgrounds to meet each other through my role as chair of the  Kirklees Diversity = Innovation. Our network is made up of local businesses and public sector organisations who pool resource to give marginalised local people access to new opportunities and representation.